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Retail Therapy

Sponsored by: Intel Date: Fall 2016 Retail Therapy – Concepts On The Future of Retail with Intel’s RealSense Camera Second engagement around Retail. This time, teams identified potential uses for Intel’s RealSense camera.

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Retail Point-of-Sale Project

Sponsored by: Know Yourself  Date: Spring 2017  Ideas for Point of Sale displays and new relationships with merchants vs online sales. Know Yourself + CCA   READ THE PROJECT BRIEF ›

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Visa Merchant Experience

Sponsored by: Visa Date: Spring 2017  Exploration of Gen Z preferences for payment and relationship with financial institutions. READ THE PROJECT BRIEF ›

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The Future Retail Experience


Sponsored by: Intel Date: Spring + Fall 2014 A sponsored project within an Interaction Design Experience Studio with an exploration aimed at understanding the new era of retail. Students identified and uncovered insights and paradigm shifts that lead to an

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