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Actionable Matter

Sponsored by: Institute for the Future Date: Spring 2016 “What if’s” – How might the technologies we use today behave if they could sense, adapt, and communicate? Read more about the class here. {READ MORE ›}

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Big Data


Sponsored by: Intel Date: Spring 2013 A sponsored studio featuring IxD, ID, and MFA Design investigating the creation of new visual, form-based and spatial interfaces focused on storytelling, goal tracking and decision making. This New Interactive Experiences class was facilitated

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Cloud Collaborations


Sponsored by: Adobe Date: Spring 2013 This sponsored project allowed students to prototype an interactive educational web experience for schools of design. Specifically, Adobe asked CCA to think through what the education experience should be for their new cloud-service called

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Robots in the Home


Sponsored by: Bosch Date: October thru Dec 2012 Interaction Design students focused on the possibilities for different functions and behaviors that a robot designed for a household might employ. CCA students investigated different options for interactions under various conditions. The

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Future Mobility

Sponsored by: Audi Innovation Research (AIR) Date: June 2014 Audi’s innovation research office in San Francisco teamed up with CCA for a two week intensive workshop, an interdisciplinary collaboration geared towards exploring the car as a key intersection in a

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The Future of Transportation


Sponsored by: Volkswagen Electronics Research Lab Date: Spring 2013 Interaction Design students collaborated with VW/ERL to redefine mobility and what it means for future generations. Students were asked to identify mobility trends that are unique to the bay area, such

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